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Image by Anthony Fomin

The human on top of the mountain didn't just fall there. 

- Vince Lombardi

what is human design?

Human design kind of blew my mind when I jumped in. I loved the combination of logic and magic, working together to remind me that we are born with all the wiring to be and do great things if we're willing to feel, listen, look beyond what we were told to do.
When you begin to listen to your authority, life begins to click into place.
If you often wonder, what am I here for on this Earth? You are having little signals from the Universe that there's MORE than meets the eye.
Yes, ladies & gentlefolk, you have every tool within you. Do you feel it right now? The tug to dive deeper into that space of knowing who you are on a deeper level? One that feels so utterly connected to every decision and person, place, and thing (I just defined a noun! Haha!)?
Look no further. Human design has found YOU. Let's do it my friend!

human design basics...

You'll need to know your birth date, time, and exact location.

Your bodygraph generates from a combination of astrology based on the date and time you were born. The EXACT time of day does matter. A minute can be the difference between a shift in energy to a different profile, type, and incarnation cross. 

Once you've generated your bodygraph (see below to head to a trusted site), you'll learn your design type and authority. 

If there's NOTHING else you learn about yourself within human design, get to know your type and authority. Exercising your authority muscle will start you on your path to living your human design and becoming your own expert on YOU.

Align yourself with peace, satisfaction, success, and surprise. Becoming more confident with decision-making and you're life's path!

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