That's me, Heather, on top of one of the forty-eight 4,000 footers strewn about the state of New Hampshire. I've always been an active human. Only the latter half of my life I've truly made it my passion to share this love with others. It hasn't always been an easy shoe-in for me to stay healthy. Though I tend to enjoy eating foods that others might not, I've struggled just the same with eating and exercising consistently. Turns out, it's been an issue of perfectionism all along, fueled by unhealthy instagram photos and unrealistic expectations.​ Letting go of the fear of failing and the fear of succeeding has landed me exactly where I am today.

No matter what, the foundation for all your future success hinges on good health and finding balance in the imbalance. I have been in a place where I've done too much. Exercised too little. Scarfed down one too many donuts. There came a time when the Universe called me and I had to get out there and help people. Women specifically. I freaking LOVE motivating and uplifting other women to find better ways to stay active, eat good food, and do the damn things she wants to do in life. You do it for you. Becoming the example of good health for your children to learn from. Or just because you want to.

Don't get caught up in too many details. Health is simple. Move. Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Repeat. That is all. Change one habit at a time. Make the end goal be for your health. Not for the wedding coming up, not for that summer bod, not even for your next vacation. If health isn't your reason for change, nothing else will stick. And for goodness' sake, believe in yourself while you do the damn thing.

I think I just finished my sermon (!). My point is, I love health. I love feeling healthy. I love helping women find the courage to become that vision of light and love. Let go of that Pinterest Perfection Syndrome that will keep you from evolving in your own way, embracing your body. What your body can do for you is incredible!


I won't say it's easy because everyone is different. BUT it sure as hell is figure-out-able (spell check anyone?)!

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