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i am heather

Health and wellness are some of my loves, but they aren't everything. My nuclear family means so much to me, which is why I am who I am. I'm a perfectionist that isn't so perfect. It pains me to type that. I mean, I deleted so much before writing the things that I finally did on this website because I care SO much. Too much, at times. Each and every client I take on becomes an integral part of my life, my family, even. I care, very much so, whether you are successful at living healthfully. 


Favorites: the color green. Pumpkin donuts. Running. Writing. Reading. The mountains and desert. Dragonwood (the game, no serious, google it). The number 29. Human design. Creative things. Knitting. Paddleboarding. Camping. Mountain biking. My cat Delilah and dog Bowie. ALL reptiles, but mostly bearded dragons and snakes. The people who make life possible and put up with me the most. 


I have lots of favorites. Ooo! Fall, too. Snowboarding... I suppose I could go on, but I'll leave it there.  



My main squeeze and I have two crazy kids, boy and girl. We try to stay active as best as we can. Recently we took a very, VERY long trip out west as a fam and it was incredible. 

You can read more about it soon in my adventure blog!


Life takes you in a non-linear path. I'm closer to 40 years old than 20 and I'm still learning how to go with the flow, not be too hard on myself, take risks, love more, stay out of my comfort zone, be free... What moves me is how life will continue on whether you flow with it or go against it. Don't waste pecious time uncompromising. 

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